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      Mr. Gao Xu / Born in 1940 / Bachelor Degree / Professor Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Process Discipline

      Mr. Gao was awarded a special allowance of State Council. Mainly engaged in research and engineering of polyolefine process. Over 50 years work experience on process design, including PM and process leader work experience for 40 years. He engaged in the development of polypropylene SPG /ZHG process. Patented the invention of “Multi-stage Polymerization Method of Olefin (87100218.3)” and “Sedimentary Micro Solid Feeder(ZL94239729.0)” (first inventor). With the patents, there are 4 sets of plants had been put into use with total capacity of 300,000 MTPA, and another 4 sets is under construction with total capacity of 550,000 MTPA. The process is listed in the world polypropylene process top 10 ranks. Mr. Gao was invited to the well known conference IECRE every year since 1994.




      Mr. Zhou Aiping / Born in 1969 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Thermal Discipline

      Mr. Zhou is specialized in thermal discipline of large petrochemical plant, coal chemical plant, steam system design and optimization. He is vice president of committee for thermal engineering in China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association, and auditor for Basic Engineering in Sinopec. Mr. Zhou was responsible for CNOOC Huilian 12,000,000 MTPA Oil refining Project in 2006, Shanghai SECCO 900,000 MTPA ethylene project in 2004.



      Ms. Tang Zhenhua / Born in 1934 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Process Discipline

      Ms Tang has 56 years process design experience and over 30 years PM work experience. She won the outstanding design 3nd prize of SINOPEC for engineering of drying unit in Beijing Huaer 40,000 MTPA PVC Plant Project and the outstanding design 2nd prize of SINOPEC for the engineering of Beijing Huaer 80,000 MTPA PVC Plant Project. She also involved in translating and writing two books about sodium hudroxide industry, and travel to Myanmar, Bangladesh, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries for petrochemical PDP import and export.


      Mr. Peng Lianghua / Born in 1936 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Process Discipline

        Mr. Peng specialized in designing of inorganic chemical plant. With 56 years process design work experience, including 40 years PM and process leader work experience, he is familiar withammonia, urea, natural gas to methanol and coal to methanol. He also won a National 3nd prize for Nanjing Chemical Industry Urea Efficient Half-cycle Experiment.



      Mr. Lu Shenglin / Born in 1941 / Bachelor Degree / Professor Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Process Discipline

       Mr. Lu was member of the first domestic expert group for importing and localizing 13 sets of large scale fertilizer plants. He was responsible for several key domestic fertilizer energy-saving modification and production enhancing projects. He was awarded a special allowance by State Council and Progress Prizes in Science and Technology in Guizhou Province. He served as chief engineer for Guizhou Chitianhua Company and senior advisor of Guizhou Tianfu Company. Mr. Zhao was dispatched to Japanese Fukui University of Technology and Asahi Kasei Corporation for training through an International Exchange Project. He has rich engineering and management experiences.



      Mr. Wang Jifeng / Born in 1969 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Utility Discipline

       Mr.Wang has over 22 years experience in petro-chemical projects. He is specialized in water supply and drainage with more than 18 years experience as a project manager and lead discipline Engineer. He is responsible for projects including Daqing Refinery 32,000 ton/hr Circulate Water Plant, Daqing Petrochemical 6,500,000 MTPA Crude Oil Unit and Jinxi Petrochemical 150,000 MTPA PP Unit.




      Mr. Zhao Chuanhai / Born in 1941 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer / Consultant in Refining Discipline


       Mr. Zhao was employed by Oil Ministry Beijing Design Institute after graduated in 1964 and later worked for Sinopec Engineering Incorporation for over forty years.

      Mr. Zhao was awarded Sinopec Second Technology Prize for Nanjing Refinery 200,000 MTPA Hydrodewaxing Upgrading Project in 1990; National Silver Medal and Petrochemical First Excellent Design Prize for 200,000 MTPA Hydrodewaxing Commercial Test Unit. He has successfully designed dozens of refining units which were highly evaluated.



      Mr. Xu Xiuan / Born in 1941 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer & National Registered Auditor / Consultant in Civil Discipline

      Mr. Xu was appointed as “National Registered Auditor” by CIECC, “Supervising Engineer” by Ministry of Chemistry. During his work life over 40 years, he has participated in designing and technical management work for dozens of petrochemical, oil refining projects. He was responsible for 100,000 MTPA Acetic Acid Project of Shanghai Haojing Chemical Plant and 100,000 MTPA Fluorine Project of Zhejiang Quhua Corp., which awarded design prize of Ministry of Chemistry.



      Mr. Xiao Maojin / Born in 1939 / Bachelor Degree / Senior Engineer / Vice Chief Engineer in Refining Discipline

      Mr. Xiao has been taken part in more than 20 engineering projects of refinery delayed coking unit, of which maximum capacity of unit is 4,200,000 MTPA. He also familiar with solvent debituminization unit, so he was in charge of importing three sets of such unit abroad, of which maximum capacity is 1,700,000 MTPA. And he is specialized in designing of visbreaking unit, gas and liquefied gas desulfurizer unit, C4 deep processing unit.

      Mr. Xiao was honored with SINOPEC 3rd technology prize for efficient extraction device of a national “85 scheme” project) in 1996 and SINOPEC 3rd technology prize for Delayed Coking Renovation Project of Fujian Refinery Co., Ltd., in1998.