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    SPG/ZHG Propylene Polymerization Technology


      Up to now, the production capacity of PP engineered by HFEC has accumulated to 4,000,000 TPY, which majorly applied technology of UNIPOL, Basell, Lummus and HFEC’s self-developed ZHG process.


      SPG/ZHG process is one of the independent innovated technologies using continuous propylene polymerization in China, which is not only for revamping in traditional intermittent PP plants but also for new installation of large-scale PP projects. With major technical and economic indicators have reached advanced level in domestic and international, it ranks top seven PP processes and applies wildly throughout the world.




        Process Feature


         ●Wild brand coverage –by using high efficient domestic catalyst with carrier,the MRI 1~100 less PP powder could be produced directly from polymerizer,covering all brands produced in domestic PP plant. The very first production of PPR pipe material made in start-up, achieved the best quality comparing  with other domestic PP plant applying international technology.  

         ●Low energy consumption – energy consumption per ton is lower than 30kg standard oil, which is one third of average energy consumption of domestic  PP plant applying international technology.

         ●Low investment – estimated investment is only one third of same size  domestic PP plant applying international technology.

               ●Strong market competitiveness – even in a down economy, when most of PP plants were forced to shut-down, the company who used HFEC’s   technology was still in a good business, demonstrating a strong market competitiveness of  this technology.

               ●Environmental friendly – applying 100% trace catalyst feeding technology without solvent.

             ●At present, there are 4 PP plants applied SPG/ZHG process (including 2 units of  revamping  projects, 2 units of newprojects) in operation. And the  single-train capacity is 240,000 TPY, listed into the category of large scale plant.