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    Company Logo




      Definition of LOGO:



      This Logo is composed of four first letters of Hua Fu Engineering Company, a circle and a sailboat. The circle symbolizes the rising sun, which will bring continuous initiative power and strong development momentum to HFEC; sun is the symbol of harmony, eternal, light, vitality, thriving, warm and hope, it implies HFECs flourishing future as well as full energy and passion. Four letters HFEC is lifted by a sweep, which is the carrier of companys dream and declares its struggling determination and innovation spirit in commercial sea.

      A corner of the sailboat protrudes from the circle, which symbolizes that HFEC dares to break down traditional limitations and is always prepared for constant innovation and struggling.

      The rising sun and sailing boat are full of enthusiasm and vitality, which symbolizes that HFEC is heading for glorious and brilliant future.

      The red color symbolizes full enthusiasm for work.