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    HFEC Work Summary of 2016 and the Plan of 2017


      HFEC held work summary of 2016 and the plan for 2017 conference in headquarter at January 18, 2017. Mr. Deng Fuhai, deputy general manager of Shenwu Group and vice president of HFEC, attended the conference. There was a total of 94 relevant person participated, which was including management of HFEC, middle-level leaders, deputy chief engineer of each discipline, engineering manager and project manager of main projects, key personnel of branch offices and employee representatives.
      Mr. Wang Qinya, HFEC general manager, made a summary speech about the completion of company managing goal and overall production goal of 2016. Mr. Wang addressed that energetically promote “Group Transformation Technology” for next step so that exploit HFEC technology advantages to develop oversea market, form collaboration mechanism for both business team and technical team to extend market in longitudinally view, initiatively carry out external strategy collaboration, actively expand in human resources recruitment channels to strengthen the training work and set up model to correctly assess performance of engineers and qualification of project managers, build project implementation to ensure that the Group Transformation Project put in place in accordance with the group requirements, consolidate management ability and improve the project execution through carrying out management activities, actively expand overseas market based on technologies of Shenwu Group and HFEC.
      Vice president of HFEC Mr. Deng Fuhai made a summary of the meeting, and put forward requirements for the next phase work. Mr. Deng pointed out that enhance top management responsibilities to put the work into practice to personal level, strengthen outstanding assessment for engineers to improve the enthusiasm of employees, enhance business management to increase project bonus for business people within reasonable range.    
      It commended business team, research and development team and polypropylene team during the conference. Fulfill the cash to market development employee according to HFEC “Business Reward Assessment Measures” with combining the completion of business targets of 2016. Issue technology awards to relevant R&D team in the basis of application of patent, application of scientific research and honor, application of project and capital, participation in establishing industry standards. In terms of polypropylene project is under key priority development of HFEC. Issue polypropylene project awards to polypropylene technical team based on engineering department participation and support.   (Zhang Shuangshuang/Editor, Lv Hang/Photo, Han Qian/Translator)