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    Oil Refining



        In many years, HFEC is engaged in C4 alkenes aromatization, isomerization and selective hydrogenation projects, and is successful in dozens of designs and EPC contracts, accumulating rich experience in both engineering design and EPC contracts. In particular, HFEC has been strongly competitive in comprehensive utilization of C4, LPG, coal tar hydrogenation and oil products hydro-reforming. HFEC also has huge success in C4 isomerization, C4 aromatization, C4 dehydrogenation and alkylation as well as MTBE.

         Major Businesses in Oil Refining :

         ●Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation

         ●Catalytic Reformer, Benzene Extraction, Aromatic Extraction

         ●Various Hydrogenation and Hydro-treatment, Delayed Coking Technology with Large Recycle Ratio


         ●Dry Gas and LPG Desulphurization

         ●LPG, Catalytic Gasoline, and Jet Fuel Sweetening

         ●Gas Fractionation

         ●C4 Olefin Aromatization, Isomerization, and Selective Hydrogenation

         ●Light Hydrocarbon Dehydrogenation to Olefins

         ●Overall Design of Refinery Plant

         ●Gas, Liquid and Solid Waste Treatment for Refinery

         ●Storage and Transportation for Refinery